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Learn and practice Pure Land Buddhism.

Find the strength of your peace of mind, find the power of self-reliance, understand the mind, and find your true self.

Liberation from the cycle of life and death, then return to the Pure Land.

Namo Amitabha Buddha.


What is a Buddhist education?

Buddhism, while not a religion, is a most virtuous and perfect education for all mankind, committed to the growth of the mind and the human spirit. It is an excellent and comprehensive education for members of the human race. This kind of education is important for elevating and developing as a human being.


To be a Buddhist

is not to follow blindly. 

It is an education.


Here at the temple we enjoy growing and serving our own organic fruits and veggies, and healthy living with fresh, delicious food.


Hong Kong

The biggest change after preaching is to be optimistic and feeling positive.  No longer caring about gain and loss, I try to hold the Buddha's name as much as possible.  With Buddha’s help, my heart is naturally stable and peaceful.  From Buddha Su’s teaching, this helped to sway my parents' way of thinking by reciting the Buddha’s Sutra and the Infinite Life Sutra every day.  I am truly thankful for that!



Hong Kong

I have known the Hsiang Kuang Grand Buddhist Temple in Australia for several years, and I have also been to Australia for some times. When I was there, I felt the energy of Amitabha Buddha staying in the temple full of compassion and great wishes. I also witnessed Senior Sister Su’s personal salvation power all the time. I was deeply moved. 

Nancy Tsao


Dare getting illness, dare getting older day by day failing take care by myself, dare my soul where to go during death.

Join this group, get real solution for all the concern.

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