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People from all walks of life are welcome in our place, which is like a family in which all of the members can grow together as we work hard to promote peace in society.



Our mission

"To help all sentient beings to be liberated is the goal."


We must have a pure and quiet place in the world where we can offer help to people who need to relieve stress and tension in their minds. Buddhism is an education that teaches people to have a good heart and to do good deeds. It is an education that brings peace and positive change to society.

Our respected Amitabha teaches us the infinite wisdom of Buddhism, emphasising that the core of truth lies in the concepts of no-self, no-mind and no-thought. A sincere mind knows how to change and purify itself, realising the way in which its life should flow. The preciousness of human life lies in the fact that human beings are able to become Buddhas - enlightened beings who delight greatly in helping other beings attain enlightenment. The ‘other beings’ here are not limited to those living on Earth, but include those living in other realms, other planets, or even far across the galaxy or universe.

Some of the blessings bestowed upon you when you practice Buddhism are protection for your health, and the knowledge of your soul’s infinite existence. Following this path leads to being liberated to go to the Western Pure Realm of Nirvana and receive eternal purity and brightness. You can achieve this goal though the intensive practice of Buddhism which is to work on your own. You can chant the Buddha's name, prostrate before him, and recite the sutras, all of which will calm your mind and purify your karma. It can help you find your true self, clear your mind, and regain your original spiritual forms.

Not being sick and not dying is not a dream. It is a truth that can be realised.

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What is Buddhism About?

To practice Buddhism means to improve our internal experience, which will change our experience of the external world. For a Buddhist, this precious life is best spent on practicing and finding your true self. Once you find your true self, you will feel a sense of freedom and comfort from within, so that you will never lose direction again. Many people do not know about the inner treasure called Buddha-nature, the true self you can find if you simply look inward. Instead, they spend their whole lives looking outward for impermanent things.


Learn and practice Pure Land Buddhism.

Find the strength of your peace of mind, find the power of self-reliance, understand the mind, and find your true self.

Liberation from the cycle of life and death, and then return to the Pure Land.

Why do we need to practice Buddhism?

Walking Meditation

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Pure Land

Buddhism, rather than being a religion, is a virtuous and perfect education for all mankind, committed to the growth of the mind and the human spirit. It is an excellent and comprehensive education for members of the human race. This kind of education is important for developing and elevating oneself as a human being.


Our human experience is very complicated. To educate people well, it takes the right approach.


The core teachings of Buddhism help us to turn away from negative thoughts and behaviours, and to move towards a more positive and beneficial mindset.


People usually have too many desires and long to acquire more and more possessions. They are driven by their greed, while forgetting that they could be happy with what they already have. People never cease to chase material success, causing them stress and disappointment and making them forget the happiness that they once enjoyed. At Hsiang Kuang Buddhist Temple, we would like to show you the way towards freeing yourself from this cycle– you just need to regain your sense of self by following in the Buddha’s footsteps. This will lead you to the purifying light of Amitabha, which will give you the power to grow into a new and better life.

Worldly desires tempt us. All sorts of attractions confuse our six senses (of seeing, smelling, tasting, touching, hearing, and thinking). Driven by their curiosity, children grow up not just under the influence of formal education but also of the world outside of the campus and the family. Who can resist the influences of the outside world? Their pure minds are therefore polluted. Once polluted, it is hard to regain the clarity of the mind. In this information age in which we live, it is difficult to control the flow of information, and children are exposed to many unhealthy influences. This transformation of the world, just like the decline of morality, has been so drastic that it is impossible to simply “return to the good old days.” Our only hope is that the all-compassionate Amitabha Buddha will come to our rescue. This is why I am urging every one of you to help protect and promote the Dharma, which teaches us to recover our Buddha-nature (our true self). Once we’ve found our own Buddha nature, we’re endowed with infinite compassion, wisdom, and virtue. We no longer need to look outward and can live a peaceful life under any circumstances. Everything we need to live in peace and with ease is already within us. It is a precious true self that we should work hard to retrieve.

"If we don't spend money on education today, we will certainly spend it on building prisons in the future."

How should we update our education for the younger generation?


It is common in our society to see confused and directionless young people who have no sense of purpose. Media reports of social disturbances are on the rise. Technological conveniences have entranced and distracted our children. Why does our children’s nature remain uncultivated, even as they receive more and more education? Because not many educators, in their minds and actions, teach children to find their true selves. Our educators have missed a chance to properly develop the internal fortitude of the younger generation. Could we improve and expand the education our children receive, to include skills and tools for them to better manage and navigate our modern world? Teachers are important, but it is doubly important that our children receive a quality education from true role models willing to give them the most comprehensive education possible.

Without the help of knowledgeable and competent educators, our current education system will keep churning out unprepared graduates who will be a burden to society.


Refining your Instincts of Intuition


Intuition is the ability to balance the conscious and the unconscious and to tap into our deeper primal wisdom and innate knowledge. It is said that the more mature our souls become, the closer we come to returning to the 'source' (Nirvana, eternity, oneness).


Instinct, gut feeling, hunch, premonition- these terms all describe the same ability within us: what we call 'intuition'. You can once again learn how to tap into this inner fountain of wisdom, ready to be used at a moment's notice.

Intuitive instinct is seeing with your soul. Learn to practise spiritual growth.

We all have instincts and intuition - they are natural skills. As we delve deeper into the practice of Pure Land Buddhism, we can tap into and be guided by a deeper, more profound level of intuition.

Intuition is a powerful force that gives us perspective and insight. Unlike the limited conscious mind, the subconscious mind contains infinite wisdom and infinite power, waiting to be developed and expressed. When we can open up this intuitive instinct within ourselves, we can break through the limitations of the body and engage with our inner spirituality, which can bring us the highest form of wisdom. This is the ability to connect to the higher levels of consciousness (or the 'soul'), through which one makes contact with the divine.

The word intuition originally comes from the Latin 'intueri', meaning 'contemplation' or 'inner vision.'

The intuitive instinct has another name, ‘Svabhava’, which means 'one's being' or 'one's becoming.' This is a being’s intrinsic, essential nature, or their essence. The Mahayana Buddhist tradition is a useful framework for describing and understanding the various efforts required to uncover one's Buddha nature. However, you needn't worry too much about labels: our Buddha nature is revealed as a real and natural phenomenon through the practice of truth, through connecting with our instincts, and through developing the ability to communicate with the divine (or 'spiritual'). Practicing Buddhism clarifies our mind, purifies our thoughts, and opens us to the experience of spiritual awakening.

Calm Sea
Calm Sea
Calm Sea



Noticing when you are out of tune with your nervous system, you can focus attention and then apply skills to bring you back to balance.

Mental Health
Zen Stones

Thoughts arise and persist, often without your notice, and can have an impact on you, large or small, even if you are not aware of it. It is difficult to free ourselves from the trap of thoughts, and we suffer.

Change your life, awaken your soul

It is essential to know how to correct yourself at every moment because then you can have the awareness to see your state and change yourself at any time, and this will lead to continuous growth because you will be able to improve and breakthrough barriers.


It may not be easy to change yourself. It will take determination and perseverance. Once you know that you have to move in the right direction, remove your past wrong thoughts and attitudes, and re-adjust to face and learn positively, you will be able to achieve something.

To become peaceful and centred, you first need to work on yourself. These internal changes will eventually become apparent on the outside.

"It is only through inner peace that there can be outer peace".


"May all sentient beings attain peace of mind."

Within Peace


It is possible to reduce stress, increase resilience, and take your daily life experience to another level where you are present, confident, and compassionate through retreat practice.

Pure Land Meditation


Chanting the name of Amitabha Buddha or chanting sutras. Our mind flow follows the rhythm of the music, and we can restore peace of mind and relax our whole body.



Clear our minds of negative thoughts, eliminate Karma, and allow wisdom to arise.


Recite Sutra

Recite sutras to help restore calmness and gain more wisdom and positive power from the sutras to achieve inner purification and balance.



Listen to the teachings


Open the window of your mind. Allow the fresh air, new lights and new truths to enter.


True Self

True Self

Cultivating greater self-awareness​​

'Know thyself, thy pure and clean self that we can transform into Nirvana.' This is the truth of what was, what is and what will be. We must realise that this is the ultimate purpose of our life on earth and the goal of our practice. - "to know our true self and to be transformed into Nirvana."

Everyone needs to find their true self (soul), as this discovery will pave the way for spiritual awakening, spiritual practice, spiritual enhancement, and spiritual fulfillment. A strong connection to spirituality helps one to be liberated from the process of reincarnation and to resist the desires inherent to earthly existence.

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未命名設計 (2).png
未命名設計 (2).png

Find your true self, clear your mind, and regain your original spiritual forms.

Cultivating greater self-awareness does not mean simply putting more attention on ourselves. Instead, it refers to introspection in practice. Self-awareness is the ability to be mindful of your feelings, thoughts, and actions and how they affect you and those around you. The more we know about our inner world, the easier it is to recognise the quiet voice of our intuition in the first place and to be able to spot problems as they arise - this is the practice of mindfulness.

Through the continuous purification of ourselves, the practice of Pure Land Buddhism to find our self-natured instincts and keep learning and to improve them is a spiritual achievement. It is the ability to help oneself and to help all beings. It can become the true meaning of life for each individual.

Enjoying the Nature



The 'spiritual journey' is a direct experience. So there is no need to believe or disbelieve. We should know that "all is one".

Sentient Beings

“One of the most important facts that the vast majority of us are ignorant of is that we are each other.”

People Walking
People Walking

We Are One. All is One.

There are many different definitions of sentient beings, living creatures that experience consciousness. In Buddhism, all beings are inherently spiritual and differ only by their reincarnation.

All sentient beings have 'Buddha nature' - the inner potential to transcend the condition of saṅkhāra and attain enlightenment and fulfill their Buddha nature. We need to be aware that all things are spiritual, and all people, animals, plants, and even 'inanimate' objects in this world have souls. Although many of these souls we do not feel, we cannot deny their existence.

'Chao Du'

A ritual is performed to help our karmic creditors to be free from suffering and attain eternal peace and liberation.

Dwelling inside my body
Resolving Karmic Creditors
Transcending Reincarnation

Thrice Yearning

Thrice Yearning Ceremony

Every Friday - Sunday

Thrice Yearning Ceremony

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