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About us


In this world, we must have a pure land where help can be given to people who need to ease stress and tension in the mind.  Buddhist dharma is the kind of education that teaches people to harbor good intentions and do good deeds.  It is an education that brings peace and positive changes to society.


In our pure land, everyone is engaged in a gentle and loving education style.  We attach importance to family education and the psychological growth of children.  We educate children in such a way that they will grow up with a correct view of life and develop themselves positively. This will be a great help not only to Australia but also to the whole world.


We have a common hope and goal to offer a quality environment to all people who are looking for a place to relax their bodies and mind as we give them spiritual support.


We love Australia dearly and pledge to continue our efforts to protect and maintain this great land. We endeavor to make contributions locally as we believe our efforts will benefit communities all across Australia.


All of our efforts are aimed at helping children and society, and we hope that in this fast-paced age, we can offer a peaceful and tranquil place that is called the "HSIANG KUANG GRAND BUDDHIST ASSOCIATION INC."

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People from all walks of life are welcome in our place, which is like a family in which all of the members can grow together as we work hard to promote peace in society.

Namo Amitabha Buddha.



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