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Ms. Yueh-O Su(Founder) is front-row middle.

The Hsiang Kuang Grand Buddhist Association Inc. was founded in 2018 by Ms. Yueh-O Su, a lay Buddhist. Over a decade ago, Ms. Su came to visit her daughter in Australia. She was impressed by the natural scenery and often says Australia is a pure land for people who are aspiring to learn the Buddha Dharma. Ms. Su contributed all her wealth to buy the land in Goombungee, Queensland. Thus, the initial Hsiang Kuang Grand Buddhist Temple was built. 


Ms. Su learned Buddha Dharma from her mother, starting from when she was a child. Since then, she learned to carry a pure mind at all times and this allowed her to grow into adulthood with a clear path. The positive reinforcement she had from her family became the most important guidance for the rest of her life. Ms. Su has seen our younger generation's struggles; their confusion and fear. Modern society is not equipped or designed to support our young people. They are often mired in addiction, directionless, and dependent upon technology for connection.


Therefore, Ms. Su attaches importance to childhood education and she is dedicated to helping those who are experiencing behavioural or mental health issues. Indeed, education is significant to people, societies, Governments, and everybody.  


At Hsiang Kuang Grand Buddhist Temple, whether the students are coming to learn to be a teacher or seeking help, they will always find the most suitable way of learning. The temple provides learning opportunities to help students who want to become Dharma lecturers. They also created a free course to help children go to school with a perfect physical and mental foundation. They believe the positive change to children will also affect Australian Societies. Nevertheless, childhood education is not the only goal. Millions of adults are suffering from mental and physical diseases, such as depression, bipolar affective disorder, stress, and anxiety, etc. These appearances can be treated as a lack of psychological education. The temple has free support to fundamentally solve the problem.   


We are living in Australia for a long period. Although we came from different countries, grew up with different backgrounds, Buddhadharma is our educational concept, we are here to make great efforts to meet our common goal. Educate the right concept of life to serve the public society, and to develop our community with kindness, care, and maintain a positive engagement. We treat Australia as our new home and we are part of the big family.

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