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Vegetarian Food

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🥚蒸蛋 Steamed eggs🍄

made in a steam cooker



1. 蛋 2 eggs.

2. 香菇 1 dried Chinese mushroom, chopped into 4 pieces

3. 腰果 5 Cashew nuts

4. 醬油 1 Tablespoon of dark soy sauce



1. 打兩顆蛋在碗裡

Crack two eggs into a medium-sized bowl.

2. 加一匙半的醬油後攪拌至蛋散開(可依個人口味調整)

Add one tbsp of soy sauce and stir it until evenly.

3. 以水龍頭開最小的水柱邊流入碗中,邊攪拌,至碗的水八分滿

Stir the mixture while pouring a small drizzle of water into the bowl until the bowl is 70-80% full.

4. 放入蘑菇

Add 4 pieces of mushroom.

5. 放入腰果

Add 5 Cashew nuts

5. 蓋蓋子

Cover the bowl.

6. 電鍋外鍋水為小量杯的八分滿

To the steam cooker, add an eighth of a small measuring cup of water.


Put the bowl with the lid into the cooker, cook for 15 minutes.

Then you are ready to enjoy your steamed eggs.

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