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A Soft Answer Turns Away Wrath

Gentleness is the companion of joy, tenderness of compassion, and serenity of wisdom. As the saying goes, 'A soft answer turns away wrath.' Let your spaces reflect the tranquility within, creating an atmosphere where joy, compassion, and wisdom coexist harmoniously. Embrace the power of gentleness as your decor theme, and witness how it transforms your surroundings into a Pureland of happiness and understanding.

柔和的情感伴隨著喜悅,慈悲的心靈伴隨著柔情,而智慧的寧靜伴隨著心靈深處的寧靜。正如淨土教育所言:「柔和的回應能冷卻憤怒之焰。」 讓你的居所彰顯內在的寧靜,營造一個充滿歡樂、慈悲和智慧和諧共融的環境。以柔和之力作為裝飾的主題,親身體驗它如何將你的周遭轉化成一個充滿幸福和理解的淨土。

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