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Why Kindness Matters

Updated: Dec 21, 2023

It's hard not to care when we see someone in pain or hear the sadness and worry in their voice. How could we not be kind?

Witnessing someone in pain or hearing sadness in their voice can be very challenging. However, Buddhist wisdom suggests that true compassion involves more than just offering temporary relief. Instead, it requires understanding the root causes of their suffering and helping them address those issues. The idea is not just to give them fish but to teach them how to fish.

To truly embody wisdom and compassion, one must go beyond superficial gestures and work towards alleviating the underlying sources of distress. This approach demands a thoughtful understanding of the person's situation and a commitment to empowering them with the skills and insights needed to overcome challenges. Ultimately, true compassion requires being a wise and compassionate guide, not a naïve giver.

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