BY FASI MARCH 14, 2021

The lure of the Internet has cost me my young life.

At the time of my death, my soul was leaving my body, and I was in pain. At that moment, I finally knew I was wrong, and I repented, but no amount of repentance could have saved my young life.

"I died on the Internet."

Many people may wonder why a young person like me, who was addicted to the Internet and died playing on the Internet at a young age, is qualified to be reborn in the Pure Land.

After all, my parents are still alive, and they have had to bury their children.

If you could heed my warning, you could change before you follow me down this path.

I passed away more than ten years ago

I was very fond of playing online games at that time, and I used to hang out on the Internet for days at a time without closing my eyes.

No one in my family cared how much time I was wasting on the computer. My family was indifferent towards me, which made me feel disconnected from real life. I often live in a fantasy world where I go online for days and organize teams to conquer a city in a game. I was addicted to the fantasy world, so much so that I was not interested in the real world.

My character in the online game was such a high level that I would often lead a team to attack a city in the game. I always thought it was more real than life. Unlike in real life, I found that sense of existence and achievement in the game where I didn't even feel alive.

After I was born, my parents left me at my grandparents' house and I often didn't see them for long periods.

I gradually went from being dependent on my parents to being dispensable to them, and eventually, I just got sick of seeing them because they didn't have time for me.

I didn't realise that I had become the most familiar of strangers to my parents, and I even thought in my heart that it would be better if they didn't show up.

"The most familiar of strangers"

Colder and colder inside