The Theory of Life: Peace of Body, Mind, and Spirit


July 2019

Our human experience is very complicated. To educate people well, it takes the right approach.

What is a Buddhist education? Buddhism, rather than being a religion, is a virtuous and perfect education for all mankind, committed to the growth of the mind and the human spirit. It is an excellent and comprehensive education for members of the human race. This kind of education is important for developing and elevating oneself as a human being.

It is my honour to introduce you to Namo Amitabha Buddha. Amitabha is the king of lights, and he is dedicated to helping us reach Nirvana, the state of trancendence from the earthly cycle of birth and re-birth. Based on the study of forty-eight vows created by Amitabha, he has spent five kalpas (approx. 6.7 billion, or 6,700,000,000 years) creating this paradise in the west.

The vastness of the Dharma lies in its infinite wisdom, which guides beings towards tolerance and broadmindedness, and helps us to practise compassion.

To be a Buddhist is not to follow blindly. It is an education.

The core teachings of Buddhism help us to turn away from negative thoughts and behaviours, and to move towards a more positive and beneficial mindset.

People usually have too many desires and long to acquire more and more possessions. They are driven by their greed, while forgetting that they could be happy with what they already have. People never cease to chase material success, causing them stress and disappointment and making them forget the happiness that they once enjoyed. At Hsiang Kuang Buddhist Temple, we would like to show you the way towards freeing yourself from this cycle– you just need to regain your sense of self by following in the Buddha’s footsteps. This will lead you to the purifying light of Amitabha, which will give you the power to grow into a new and better life.

Humans are born into this world where they constantly struggle to survive. They become tired from the unending cycle of life and death. We have a wonderful chance to be introduced to the true enlightenment of Buddhism, which enables us to be liberated and to find the right direction in life. This is the reason why we need to learn Buddhism and follow in Buddha’s footsteps.

To practice Buddhism means to improve our internal experience, which will change our experience of the external world. For a Buddhist, this precious life is best spent on practicing and finding your true self. Once you find your true self, you will feel a sense of freedom and comfort from within, so that you will never lose direction again. Many people do not know about the inner treasure called Buddha-nature, the true self you can find if you simply look inward. Instead, they spend their whole lives looking outward for impermanent things.

How should we update our education for the younger generation? It is common in our society to see confused and directionless young people who have no sense of purpose. Media reports of social disturbances are on the rise. Technological conveniences have entranced and distracted our children. Why does our children’s nature remain uncultivated, even as they receive more and more education? Because not many educators, in their minds and actions, teach children to find their true selves. Our educators have missed a chance to properly develop the internal fortitude of the younger generation. Could we improve and expand the education our children receive, to include skills and tools for them to better manage and navigate our modern world? Teachers are important, but it is doubly important that our children receive quality education from true role models willing to give them the most comprehensive education possible.

Without the help of knowledgeable and competent educators, our current education system will keep churning out unprepared graduates who will be a burden to society.

We value education for all people.