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Why did Amitabha solve the COVID pandemic?

Why did Amitabha solve the COVID pandemic?

This COVID pandemic is caused by demons carrying virus particles into the human respiratory system, releasing toxins that can cause respiratory failure and death. The problem between the demon, the virus, and the human body has never been resolved, but please believe that positive forces can save the world from this pandemic and that Hsiang Kuang Grand Buddhist Temple can help.

Why have these demons, on Earth and in the universe, come to infest humanity and cause a pandemic? The law of cause and effect determines it.

The human body dies, but the human soul is immortal. The demons, which carry the viruses, were once killed or driven to take their own lives when they were human. Intense resentment leads them to the world of demons, where these souls become demons themselves. Demons are spirits, so they can quickly enter the bodies of humans to take revenge on those who have harmed them in their previous lives.

Why is the current pandemic so severe, and why can no one solve it? This is because demons and viruses are spirit beings, and normally no one can communicate with them. However, because Amitabha came to our human world and is now in Australia, we can indeed communicate with them at the Hsiang Kuang Grand Buddhist Temple.

Over the past two years, the temple has worked hard to resolve the pandemic. Many of the demons that caused the pandemic have been cured of their evil intentions. We have done many interviews with these demons and have kept records. If you are not available to come to our temple and you would like to read these interviews, we can send you an electronic or printed version, depending on your preference. The people of this country can be saved if the Prime Minister of our country can come and visit the Hsiang Kuang Grand Buddhist Temple and trust Amitabha can help this pandemic. Please understand that it is essential to save people, and it would be best if you could come to our monastery as soon as possible.

Amitabha is now resolving the problem of the COVID demons' revenge by teaching them the sutras and making them understand the law of cause and effect. They learn that the consequences of revenge will cause them to suffer retribution, such as their spirit being trapped in a part of the ground (like soil, rocks, grass, etc.). They may also be crushed under mountains or in lava, unable to come out for thousands or even millions of years. Conversely, Amitabha can help them regain their original forms, and educate and influence them with the Dharma.

Many people around the world are dying every day from this pandemic. We implore Prime Minister to visit Amitabha at the Hsiang Kuang Grand Buddhist Temple to solve this pandemic. If you take this as your responsibility and mission, you can save the people of the world.

Hsiang Kuang Buddhist Temple, Australia

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