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Why do we need to practise Buddhism?

How many days are there in a person's life?

How many days are there that are calm and smooth?

Is it a life of splendour or a life of degradation?

Life is as fate intended.

Why do we need to practise Buddhism?

Every child is always concerned with his or her past life.

Or some children are concerned with their fate in this life

Or some children do not believe in life and death

Or some children prefer not to think.

But how does this life end when it has already begun?

What will the end of life look like?

Reincarnation brings good and evil.

All are heavy pressures.

The path of this life can only be made more accessible if we don't let this happen.

The vital thing to do is to remove the stains of life.

Everyone not only has a past

It is in all lifetimes.

Why do we need to practise?

Because the cycle of rebirth never ends.

It goes on and on, and reincarnation is the beginning of another painful cycle.

It is not for religious beliefs.

It is to end the sorrows of life and death.

To understand the true meaning of spirituality so that we can indeed find ourselves.

That is the practice. That is the truth.

To be able to return to the Pure Land and to recover one's instincts.

This is the actual practice, the real work.

May all the children be able to realise this.

Namo Amitabha Buddha

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