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The Magnificent Beauty of Pure Land

To be a Buddhist is not to follow blindly.  It is an education.


Our human experience is very complicated. To educate people well, it takes the right approach.

The core teachings of Buddhism help us to turn away from negative thoughts and behaviours, and move towards a more positive and beneficial mindset.

Image by Lina Trochez

People usually have too many desires, they try to own everything, they are possessed by their greed while forgetting that they could be happy with what they already have.  People never cease to strive, they get hurt and worry in the process, forgetting the happiness they once enjoyed.  Now I'm pleased to show you how to understand the pure land – you just need to regain your sense of self by following the buddha’s footsteps. This will lead you to the purifying light of Amitabha that gives you the power to grow into a new life.

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