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True Self

Cultivating greater self-awareness​​

'Know thyself, thy pure and clean self that we can transform into Nirvana.' This is the truth of what was, what is and what will be. We must realise that this is the ultimate purpose of our life on earth and the goal of our practice. - "to know our true self and to be transformed into Nirvana."

Everyone needs to find their true self (soul), as this discovery will pave the way for spiritual awakening, spiritual practice, spiritual enhancement, and spiritual fulfillment. A strong connection to spirituality helps one to be liberated from the process of reincarnation and to resist the desires inherent to earthly existence.

未命名設計 (2).png
未命名設計 (2).png
未命名設計 (2).png

Find your true self, clear your mind, and regain your original spiritual forms.

Cultivating greater self-awareness does not mean simply putting more attention on ourselves. Instead, it refers to introspection in practice. Self-awareness is the ability to be mindful of your feelings, thoughts, and actions and how they affect you and those around you. The more we know about our inner world, the easier it is to recognise the quiet voice of our intuition in the first place and to be able to spot problems as they arise - this is the practice of mindfulness.

Through the continuous purification of ourselves, the practice of Pure Land Buddhism to find our self-natured instincts and keep learning and to improve them is a spiritual achievement. It is the ability to help oneself and to help all beings. It can become the true meaning of life for each individual.

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