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Calm Sea
Calm Sea
Calm Sea



Noticing when you are out of tune with your nervous system, you can focus attention and then apply skills to bring you back to balance.

Zen Stones

Thoughts arise and persist, often without your notice, and can have an impact on you, large or small, even if you are not aware of it. It is difficult to free ourselves from the trap of thoughts, and we suffer.

Change your life, awaken your soul

It is essential to know how to correct yourself at every moment because then you can have the awareness to see your state and change yourself at any time, and this will lead to continuous growth because you will be able to improve and breakthrough barriers.


It may not be easy to change yourself. It will take determination and perseverance. Once you know that you have to move in the right direction, remove your past wrong thoughts and attitudes, and re-adjust to face and learn positively, you will be able to achieve something.

To become peaceful and centred, you first need to work on yourself. These internal changes will eventually become apparent on the outside.

"It is only through inner peace that there can be outer peace".

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