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Our mission


"To help all sentient beings to be liberated is the goal."

We must have a pure and quiet place in the world where we can offer help to people who need to relieve stress and tension in their minds. Buddhism is an education that teaches people to have a good heart and to do good deeds. It is an education that brings peace and positive change to society.

Our respected Amitabha teaches us the infinite wisdom of Buddhism, emphasising that the core of truth lies in the concepts of no-self, no-mind and no-thought. A sincere mind knows how to change and purify itself, realising the way in which its life should flow. The preciousness of human life lies in the fact that human beings are able to become Buddhas - enlightened beings who delight greatly in helping other beings attain enlightenment. The ‘other beings’ here are not limited to those living on Earth, but include those living in other realms, other planets, or even far across the galaxy or universe.

Some of the blessings bestowed upon you when you practice Buddhism are protection for your health, and the knowledge of your soul’s infinite existence. Following this path leads to being liberated to go to the Western Pure Realm of Nirvana and receive eternal purity and brightness. You can achieve this goal though the intensive practice of Buddhism which is to work on your own. You can chant the Buddha's name, prostrate before him, and recite the sutras, all of which will calm your mind and purify your karma. It can help you find your true self, clear your mind, and regain your original spiritual forms.

Not being sick and not dying is not a dream. It is a truth that can be realised.

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