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Enjoying the Nature


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The 'spiritual journey' is a direct experience. So there is no need to believe or disbelieve. We should know that "all is one".

Sentient Beings

“One of the most important facts that the vast majority of us are ignorant of is that we are each other.”

People Walking
People Walking

We Are One. All is One.

There are many different definitions of sentient beings, living creatures that experience consciousness. In Buddhism, all beings are inherently spiritual and differ only by their reincarnation.

All sentient beings have 'Buddha nature' - the inner potential to transcend the condition of saṅkhāra and attain enlightenment and fulfill their Buddha nature. We need to be aware that all things are spiritual, and all people, animals, plants, and even 'inanimate' objects in this world have souls. Although many of these souls we do not feel, we cannot deny their existence.

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