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We have a common hope and goal to offer a quality environment to all people who are looking for a place to relax their bodies and mind as we give them spiritual support.




Namo Amitabha!

Hello everyone!

I have known the Hsiang Kuang Grand Buddhist Temple in Australia for several years, and I have also been to Australia for some times. When I was there, I felt the energy of Amitabha Buddha staying in the temple full of compassion and great wishes. I also witnessed Senior Sister Su’s personal salvation power all the time. I was deeply moved. .

In the past two or three years, Hong Kong has experienced black violent incidents and the ongoing COVID-19 epidemic. The entire social atmosphere is full of negative emotions. However, under the teaching and influence of the Buddha, when encountering these adversities and epidemics, I can face them with a pure mind and keep optimistic. In addition, I have read numerous interview materials during my visits, and I have learned more about sentient beings also the cause and effect, which has greatly inspired the study of Buddhism.

None of these can be understood and measured by the material or the mindset of modern people advocating science and technology. Therefore, I sincerely hope that the public can read more about the information of Hsiang Kuang Grand Buddhist Temple, so as to know more about Amitabha Buddha and Senior Sister Su’s desire to save the world and help resolve the current global COVID-19 pandemic. The situation will definitely help.

Thanks for everything, Nammo Amitabha!



Before I was acquainted with Buddha Su and Hsiang Kuang Grand Buddhist Temple in Australia, I have been worshipping Buddha for the past 20 years.  Since that time, my heart has been "seeking good fortune" from worshipping Buddha, such as for peace, happiness, health and career etc.

Ever since 2018, having known Buddha Su and his salvation team, I have followed them to Hsiang Kuang Grand Buddhist Temple in Taiwan and Australia many times.  This helped me to understand the meaning of "seeking good fortune" because of inner anxiety and torment from day to day life.

With the teaching of Buddha Su, if one wants to achieve happiness and the feeling of satisfaction and optimism, and not being negative in life.  The biggest change after preaching is to be optimistic and feeling positive.  No longer caring about gain and loss, I try to hold the Buddha's name as much as possible.  With Buddha’s help, my heart is naturally stable and peaceful.  From Buddha Su’s teaching, this helped to sway my parents' way of thinking by reciting the Buddha’s Sutra and the Infinite Life Sutra every day.  I am truly thankful for that!

What impressed me most was listening to the Sutra. Buddha Su said earnestly “You didn’t listen to what I have said in the sermon, so you will not act upon it and change your old ways.”  This is like a slap in the face!  I felt ashamed and deeply regretted for not taking any action.  Till this day, Buddha Su spared no effort on her part and insisted on lecturing us regularly.  I was really impressed and moved by the fact that the spirits were being saved and led to the Western Pure Land! Amitabha!

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Nancy Tsao


Dare getting illness, dare getting older day by day failing take care by myself, dare my soul where to go during death.

Join this group, get real solution for all the concern.

Nancy Tsao


わたなべ あい





わたなべ みほ






わたなべ ゆみ



Jian Ping.jpeg



I became a Buddhist in 2015, and I found it difficult to maintain the daily practice routine at the early stage. Reading the Sutras and bow to the Buddha makes me drowsy and exhausted. because I did not fully understand the theory of Buddhist education. Until 2019 I encounter the Hsiang Kuang Grand Buddhist Temple, I have never felt that much energy and self-fulfilment in the past decades of my life. Thanks to my guidance Buddhist Su and Amitabha Buddha, I found peace of my mind, without fear and uncertainty for the rest of my life.


Three things improved significantly since I started the real practice in 2019, my energy level, skin appearance, and memory capability. I used to get tired easily and needed to sleep more hours during the day, my complexion was sallow and the skin was frequently irritated by some undiscovered allergy source. But now I can recite < The Infinite Life Sutra>, and no longer feel weak with fewer hours of sleep. Not only my skin became smooth and shiny, but my hair also does too. 


Just like a child who has been looking for their family for ages and finally found them! Being with a part of the Buddhist Temple makes me feel joyful and secure. Hopefully, my personal experience could help more people find their way to rescue themselves.  




I was a primary school teacher in Taiwan. Ten years ago, I married to my husband and I moved to Australia. We live in Sydney and have two children, one is boy ,the other is girl. However, our life is not so perfect because my husband and his family has the metal problems such as anxiety and depression. I always try to look for a way to figure out their mental health problems but it does not work. Gradually, I feel panic in my life and hopeless with everything until I find Namo Amituofo Buddha.


I always ask myself “what do I need ? ” , “what do I seek ? ” When I read The infinite Life Sutra and meet Hsiang Kuang Grand Buddhist Temple, I know I find the answer. My children and I listen to the scriptures and Buddhist doctrine from Miss Su online everyday. We also attend the short term Buddhism lessons in Hsiang Kuang Grand Buddhist Temple which is in Brisbane.


In Amitabha’s land we always feel purity peace and joy and develop an aspiration to be born there. This is the pure land where I am looking for. I believe no one does not want to avoid misfortune and pain. By learning Buddha I obtain happiness and leave suffering behind. We also understand there is no death because we can return to Western Pure Land if we recite“ Namo Amituofo “. We are not sacred anymore because we will not die and we will not get sick. Now We are happy and full of love because we know Amitabha. We chant Namo Amituofo and bow Amitabha everyday. We also read The infinite Life Sutra and follow it . We all improve ourselves by learning Buddha and pure ourselves day by day.  


After becoming a Buddhist practitioner I realize my life has a big change and I feel calm and joyful everyday. Nowadays I learn Buddha and my children,too. I teach my children with Buddha’s wisdom because we all know Buddhism is not just a religion. Buddhism is an education and we need it to change the world especially Amitabha. I wish people in the world will learn Buddha one day. We will be more diligent in learning Buddha. I believe by learning to be a Buddha will become a Buddha some day.


We really appreciate Hsiang Kuang Grand Buddhist Temple and we all healed by Amitabha. We strongly recommend everyone to learn Pure Land Buddhism and you will find your life will be different. Please come to Hsiang Kuang Grand Buddhist Temple and meet Namo Amitabha.


Alex Kuan


My name is Alex Kuan and I am nine years old. I live in Sydney and study there. When I was eight years old I became a vegetarian because my mum become a Buddhist and I listen to the scriptures from Grandma Su (Miss Su) who lives in Hsiang Kuang Grand Buddhist Temple. One day I heard a story that Grandma Su said during the lectures. I found people will not die and most of them get into transmigration and reincarnation. When one dies, and is reborn a new from birth onward. This is what we see today such as mountains, rivers, oceans, lands, flowers, trees, rocks, sands and so on. Of course, it includes animals. Suddenly I cried and felt very sad and sorry. I told mum I do not want to eat any meat or seafood anymore and I wish everyone can be a vegetarian to save animals lives.

From that day, I started to learn Buddha and try to change my characters everyday. I have a younger sister and she learns Buddha as well. Now we all love Amitabha and we chant Namo Amituofo and bow Amitabha everyday. We also listen to the scriptures from Grandma Su. We read and write The infinite Life Sutra. Now we are happy and grateful. We all hope everyone can learn Buddha and come to Hsiang Kuang Grand Buddhist Temple. I wish I could become a Buddha one day. “Namo Amituofo”.

Karen Kuan


I am Karen Kuan and I am six years old now. I have an elder brother, Alex. My mother is a teacher and she always teaches us “do good deeds”, “speak good words”, and ”think in good thoughts”. I follow my mum and become a Buddhist. I am a vegetarian and I hope everyone is like me because it will save the earth.

After I learn about Pure Land Buddhism I love The infinite Life Sutra and bowing Amitabha because it makes me calm and joyful. I also want to thanks for Hsiang Kuang Grand Buddhist Temple. I like Grandma Su (Miss Su) because of her lectures and I like everyone in Hsiang Kuang Grand Buddhist Temple because they are very kind and helpful ,and always smile at me. I truly appreciate Amitabha and Grandma Su due to solving my healthy problems and making me healed. Thank you so much!

Now my true teacher is Amitabha because Amitabha has a kind heart and is always calm and peaceful. My brother and I learn Buddha now and forever. We wish we could become a Buddha and could be like Grandma Su to save the world and let more people know about  Amitabha. “Namo Amituofo”.

Alex Karen.jpeg

We treat Australia as our new home and we are part of the big family.




Amitabha Buddha always in my mind.


Welcome to our big family.

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